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Eyebroe Transplantation To Gift You Thick And Healthy Eyebrows

Thin or absent eyebrows draw undesired attention towards a person’s face and the loss of these eyebrows that frame our eyes will not be quite acceptable. Eyebrow hair loss can occur due to plenty of reasons ranging from accidents, bacteria causing leprosy that affect the skin, eczema, chemotherapy or a poor immune system. Also, thyroid, tattooing, scars and other skin infections may lead to permanent hair loss in the eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation is now gaining much popularity as they flaunt your appearance with thick and healthy eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplantation is a safe and quick process, and it is quite similar to hair transplantation. This cosmetic surgery involves taking up hair from any other part of the body and implanting it into the brow area with minimal effort. Hair follicles are transferred into the brow to create a perfect shape, by extracting hair from donor’s site, in most cases from the back of the head.

To gift you dense and youthful eyebrows, they make use of effective techniques like Follicular Unit Extrection (FUE). The advantage of these less invasive techniques is that, they do not require removal of any tissues and do not leave any scars of stitches. It is highly beneficial for women and men of all ages.The hair in the eyebrow grow naturally once transplanted, and needs to be trimmed at regular intervals.

As eyebrows are highly visible, eyebrow transplantation is quite delicate and is done with utmost care. Thus, make use of Eyebrow Transplantation techniques to get rid of thin brows and in turn, lift your natural beauty.

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