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Factors To Consider Before Undertaking Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is a kind of surgery where hair is permanently restored by transplanting new follicles of hair into balding areas. The process is also called hair restoration or implantation. The process has been performed since the 1950s, and due to technological advancements, it has significantly improved in the modern times. Healthy follicles of hair are taken from other body regions such as back or side of the head where hair is plenty to the part where implantation is to be done

Before you undertake hair transplant surgery, it’s advisable you consider some factors which may affect you in one way or another. They may include:

Cost of the surgery. Evaluate yourself whether parting with about USD 4000 will affect your life in any way.

Hair and skin type (ethnicity). Choose an experienced surgeon who has experience with race of your kind.

The Internet and Social media. You may consider gathering more information on experiences from those who have undergone this surgery so as to make wise decisions.

The required preparations and medical care. Normally there are precautions you should undertake before and after the surgery. FUT (Follicle Unit Transplant) for instance requires rigorous after-care regimen due to its complexity. Some common practices prohibited after surgery are alcoholic drinks, smoking and eating spicy food.

The success of hair transplant surgery depends on you. If you visit an experienced surgeon who have medically trained staff and advanced tools, you not only receive successful surgery but more education about the treatment.

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